ttr 230 oil change

Hey guys im pretty new to doing my own maintenance on bikes and just wanted someone to clarify something with an oil change. I have seen an oil change on a Kawasaki MX bike before and its just a small bolt that needs to be removed to drain it, but when checking with the ttr 230 it looks like they want me to remove part 9 in this figure this part is alot bigger then what im used to and don't want to remove anything that would screw things up. So any help on the matter would be appreciated. Also what type of oil should i use? I was just going to buy some synthetic v-twin oil, Thanks in advance.

#9 is the drain plug. If you are changing the filter, #12 must be removed also. Any motorcycle specific oil is OK.

part 9 is the drain plug to drain the oil

Thx guys, changed the oil and bike works great :thumbsup:

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