Rear shock compression adjuster removal - HELP!

I love and hate these KYB shocks on these Yamahas. :worthy:

I rebuild my 2000 WR400 shock last year and asked the question about how to the remove the compression adjuster which has 4 dimples on the outer rim. The response was to use the 17mm high speed hex head - it worked.

I just helped my friend rebuild his 03 YZ250 shock and we got the comp adjuster out fine, but now it seems to be stuck all the way in from when we installed it. I know RaceTech sell a - Shock Compression Adjuster Socket, but is it necessary? Any other ideas of how to get my buddies high speed adjuster out without turning the whole assembly? I would love to hear what everyone else is using .

My 04 YZ450 does not have the 4 dimple set up, it has two flat surfaces for a large wrench.:thumbsup:

Hey mate what was wrong with old shock. My 00' wr400 has just sort of siezed up on me ist got about 3 inches of travel only. It used to do this when you pulled it out of the shed, but freed up after you hit a bump or two. Last ride it just didnt free up, whats going on ??

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