:worthy: I just purchased a 94 XR650L and until I purchase an owners manual to go w it,I need to know how to remove the seat?Also if I remove the snorkel at the top of the airbox,do i need to rejet? I have lots of uncorking to do .Thanks for all your help. this site is the best! :thumbsup: Dabutcher

welcome! first take off left side panel. then remove the exposed(i think 6mm allen bolt)bolt that holds the seat strap on. then remove two 12 mm head bolts under seat on the sides. then pull up and back on seat. i dont think by just removing the snorkel will need a rejet, but should be done anyway if all stock. they are horribly lean, and rejetting will allow it to run cooler and better. good luck!


Considering its age maybe its been done allready?

I have done my best to document the entire process of re doing my bike so far. I hope my garage will help. good luck

Thanks! I was following this thread.. but the link you posted is dead :thumbsup:

just click on my name and then scroll to yhe bottom of my profile. there will be an icon for my bike:thumbsup: or on the left of my post where my name is you will see a link for my garage on the bottom

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