Which oil to run

I've been using the Honda HP oil for about 8 months now and have grown tired of spending 8.25 per quart. I've read where alot of you guys are using Mobile 1 15w50 and are satisified with the product. I currently ride the bike 100 miles a week (to school) and try to get out 3 to 4 times a month on the trails. I change the oil every month and clean the filter every other change. How does the Mobile 1 hold up? Is it the same product that you purchase at Checker or Autozone? Thanks for the help. Mike

99WR,WR timing, most of the free mods, protapers, contemplating the BK or KL mod, Kouba T handle, ( thanks Kevin)

For all the info you could ever want on the fabled "OIL" subject., please do a search in the archives.........this subject has been beat to death. Thanks

I don't know that I would spend the money on Amzoil, but I've heard some folks say they like it.

For a inexpensive Semi-synthetic, I use Castrol Syntec-blend in the 10w-50 weight. At around $2.50 a quart, it's been very good to me.

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