XT350 / TT350 Shop Manual Download

Hey all,

I just acquired the shop manuals for the XT350 and TT350 from a fellow Thumpertalk member. I have posted them on http://xt350.ve7lyd.com. Cheers.

a ha!

great job!

That service guide is awsome. It actually explains how the carb works.

You guys need to grab that Clymer because it explains how the Yamatool for float height adjustment works and it gives you the valve shim charts. Those two things are an absolute must for DIY work on an XT350.

Hmm...the link in post #1 is dead....with me anyway. Any chance you can tell me where to download it now?

Ya the server that hosted that website was stolen over the weekend. I have a backup of the site, and I just need a little time to get it backup again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


No problems at all. :thumbsup: I'll check back soon to get the d/load.


Sorry to double post, but I was wondering whether anyone who downloaded this manual still has it on there HD. If so, would you mind emailing to me? Email: reubendotmowbrayatgmaildotcom

It's a 300 MB file (ish) if I can remember right, probably don't want that in your inbox. I'll upload it to a temporary website for you.

300mb! OK, pretty big for a PDF. Tried zipping/compressing it?

That's no worries anyway - when you upload it, I'll download it. I may be doing some work on my bike on the weekend, so that'd be good.


I can host it for a while if someone wants to send it along to me via ftp.

I've actually found the XT350 manual elsewhere and downloaded that. Up to you whether you still want to host it, but you don't need to rush it for me.



R.. where did you find it could you share the link please

Well, come to think of it, I'm not sure that it's a full workshop manual, but for what it's worth, here's the site.

Is there anyway anyone could direct me to the Shop Manual, I've found the service manual which is 28 pages, but have not been able to find the complete shop manual.

Thanks in advance,


Why not get one already printed and bound so you can actually have it in the garage? A Clymer manual is about $25 new directly from Clymer or from Amazon. By the time you print all the pages you need I doubt you have saved much money. And working from a sketchy pdf scan of the already sketchy photos in Clymer manuals probably isn't going to be fun.



Based on the condition, this might be my old manual:


Hello! Could You upload it somewhere for me too..?


Thanks for your reply, I actually have the Clymer manual and it is quite helpful, but I'm looking for the actual "Official 1985-2000 Yamaha XT350 Factory Service Manual", here is a link to it on a commercial site:


I also have the Service Guide which can be downloaded here:


I'm just looking for some comprehensive information, if anyone can help please contact me.



V7lyd: Cannot enter site http://xt350.ve7lyd.com. requires authentication. Passwd?

Hey all,

I just acquired the shop manuals for the XT350 and TT350 from a fellow Thumpertalk member. I have posted them on http://xt350.ve7lyd.com. Cheers.

Any chance of getting the TT350 manual in download form again? Thanks in advance if possible.

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