Please help?! What other bike brand Rims/Hubs will fit '02WR426

I just went through all of the posts in this forum as well as the Motard forum and could not find the info that I need. It is kinda hard to use the search function to find it because it is such a broad (:worthy: I just said Broad) question, soooo...

I have a street legal WR426 and love riding it on the street, but hate riding single track on WORN DOT tires . I borrowed a set of Motard tires from my buddy for a couple of weeks last fall (No he won't sell them :thumbsup: ) and now I HAVE to get a set for my own, but I need to know if there are rims from other brands (KTM, Suzuki, etc) that will fit with minimal work (spacers or changing brgs etc). If someone has any experience in using other brands, and could chime in, That would be cool...

Thanks in advance,


TRX, I just recently changed out my old rim, because i bent the front up pretty good, so i went with the Excel in Blue, with the spoke kits, and used my stock hubs, i did all the lacing myself. I would have replaced the hubs, but just a little to pricie for me right now, so hubs will be next year. Hear is a semi pic of my rear rim, and a full pic of bike.



I have an extra '02 YZF250 front rim (stock) in good shape if that will work on your bike ? Just LMK, David

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