glide plate extention

I bought this from a former TTer's website. It is light, clean fitting and does the job. Here are some pics. Really nice guys and cheap - check out his website.



I tried to post a link to this guy's website, but TT went out of their way to not allow this guy on here.....

Let's clear this up a little, shall we? Thumper Talk has only a few very simple, and mostly quite reasonable rules. One of them is that no one who has a commercial enterprise of any kind may promote or advertise here without buying the space, like all the other sponsors do. Very simple, very easy for most people to understand and comply with.

The TT member in question refused to live by this, and after a number of repeated warnings and temporary bans, none of which changed his habits in the least, he was permanently banned for the unauthorized commercial use of the web site contradictory to published rules and expressed written demands to cease doing so.

The rules are the same for everyone.

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