Need Your Opinions on 2nd Bike

I want to purchase 2 bikes for trail riding. One is a new WR for me and the other will be a used bike for friends to ride. My question; what are your recomendations for the 2nd bike? I want to spend around $ 2,500 (used). It doesn't have to be a rocket. I would like to have something durable. 4 stroke? Help!

I'd say XR 400. Bulletproof, easy to ride, easy to maintain, and inexpensive.

:) I'd second that opinion, I just talked my Brother inlaw into a XR (first dirt bike) and it's just right for him, but will still trval quite fast in the right hands :D:D

The XR is an awesome and easy to maintain, little trail bike. If you want a little more snap, the KDX is also a great little trailster.


You should be able to get a 96 (first year?) for under 2 grand.biggthumpup.gif

How come I dont have freinds like you?

Bill definatly hit it head on though.

XR if you prefer 4-strokes. KDX if you prefer 2 strokes.

I'd go for the XR though. You can have fun riding it in case you bike breaks. :)

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