Dual Sport XR650R Suspension Settings?

I have stock suspension on my BRP and mostly ride it 50/50 road/trail. I am 230lbs and do not want to purchase springs or do valving just yet. I am going to change the stock 5w (whale snot) fork oil over to Belray 2.5w.

What do you guys recommend for fork settings with the 2.5w oil, shock settings and sag?

Any help or suggestion's would be much appreciated! :thumbsup:

Anyone? I need a :thumbsup:. :worthy:

at 230lbs you will have to buy new springs (fork and shock) to get it right

there are thousands of websites that can help you with the basics of race sag and static sag

there is no step by step set of instructions to make your bike right but here is a start to get you to a good basic setup

set your race sag to 100mm (4 inches)

check your static sag, should be 1 inch or so

if it's more you need a softer spring, if it's less you need a stiffer spring

set your shock and fork compression and rebound damping per the service manual

go ride and adjust one setting at a time to see how it changes

it helps to have a good rider that understands the multiple settings ride your bike and give feedback

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