XRs only SS headers

Anyone have them? are they worth the buy?

Does anyone have any numbers on the headers (after installation HP/Tourqe increases, losses etc...)

Basically I want to know what I can expect from these headers, if they are worth the $200. I know I already balk at the SS as it will just get all dinged up. Thanks in advance.

96 XR600R

they're pretty

36 views and the only response is "they're pretty"?

Thats kind of lame huh!

I do not think that xrs only is currently selling them any more (for the xr600) I am not sure if the L models will fit, the gain is mostly bottom to mid range and its really not a whole lot, maybe a horse or so. the biggest benefit is in the ability to transfer more heat! I have a stainless FMF high flow header for an L model its about 6 months old and will let it go for $100 including shipping! once again I am not sure it will fit a 600. :thumbsup:

I've got the full stainless on the XRL and the increases for me were on the top end. If I remember correctly I think I felt a lose in the botton end when I first got it. Not much how ever.

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