Theives stole my mountain bike

G'day TTalkers,

Got home from the AMTRA (Australian Trailriders Association) meeting last night to find our place has been burgled. My pride and joy mountain bike that I won at the Blue Light Ride (by getting dressed up as Elvis) was stolen along with other electrical goods.

For all out there...make sure you have contents insurance. Thank christ my riding gear is stored elsewhere..... :)


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That bike looked unreal from the pics...Sorry to hear it! It makes me really angry hearing stories like this :) I hope you get it back. Keep a look out in the trading post etc..


Thanks Daveee,

I'll scower the porn stores, trading post etc etc in the next week.





Sorry to hear about your bike grum i have had someone try to steel my R1 a few times it is not a very good feelling finding you r house broken into.Where abouts in oz are you

i had my bike stolen last year,it sucks.but maybe when you read how mine was stolen it will cheer you up.i even thinks it kinda funny now. i usually kept my bike at my cabin in sierras.but i saw a couple kids eyeballing it the night before i was coming i decided id better bring it backdown to my house in the city.i got home took bike out off my back of my truck and put it on my front porch.went inside ate a microwave burrito and made a 15min. phonecall.then went back out to hose down bike but it was gone.someone stole it off my front porch less than a hour after i got home.$600 down the drain.i would of filed claim with my homeowner insurance but my deductible is $500

Thanks TTalkers.

I guess sometime sooner or later everyone is bound to be affected by some theiving scumbag.

Freestyle - looks like I can join the stolen bike club with yourself! Bummer about that Burrito. :)

Sicco - I live in Melbourne - Prahran. Yourself?


Call it "the $600. burrito..." you once enjoyed.


Where do u usually ride??

Everyone that went in that last blue light I know said they saw Elvis :)

Im in Sandringham.


Wasn't Oz stocked with deported convicts from Britain?........ :) . Seriously, I hope you catch those weasels.



One motorbike and two that's right two cars, never saw any of them again.

yet a guy around the corner has his keys in the ignition of his car and they took his pushbike worth nothing. Some people are just lucky/unlucky


Caught two kids 3:30am trying to jimmy the lock on my bike. I had time to open my safe and get out my Mossberg 12 gauge riot gun/home defender with the lazer sight. I told my wife to call 911 while I snuck around the corner of the house. When I was 10 feet away, I jacked a shell into the chamber and pointed it at the dick-heads. They hit the ground, and once the cops got there, they told me they think one of the kids sh!t their pants....There is justice if you know how to go about it! Virtually no trouble since.

Rock on (and get a Mossberg) :)

Guns are the answer. What is the question again? Looking down the barrel of that crowd pleaser makes one forget, and possibly sh1t ones pants. :):D

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