rear wheel play

96 xr600r

My rear wheel has a little bit of side to side play. When the bike is sitting, if I grab the rear wheel I can move it side to side a fraction, maybe a millmeter or two. I could be wrong but I dont think this is normal, is it a sign that the bearings are going bad? I made sure the rear nuts were tight and it still moves, any thoughts? Thanks

Probably bad bearings. You should replace them as soon as you can. Even that little bit of movement will cause premature wear on your brakes and could throw your chain. Once bearings start going bad they get worse pretty fast.

You can get them from Thumpertalk's parts store or another of my favorites is OEM Cycle. You can find the parts book for your bike there and then add the parts to your cart by part number to get the price.

Have fun!

Double check if the play is coming from your wheel or the swingarm.

its coming from the wheel, more exactly I can see it moving on the axel.

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