Rear Brakes

Back Bleeding ?????

Ok so I have the bike almost the way i want it for now I made sure i but lock tight on all the bolts and that they were all tight and took it for a spin.:worthy: While driving around the block I found that the rear brakes dropped and did not work at all.:ride: When a had everything abart i made it a point not to mess with the brakes . I did however depress the caliper just enough to get it of the rotor smothly. Do you think that could have put air in the systeM? :thumbsup: I did not have time to mess with it today. My brother was telling me a way to get the air out of you systen with out messing wit all the brake fluid. Its called gravity drain or something. It where you push the rear brake peddle all the way down and at the same time attempt to push the caliper away from the rotor. so you are pushing the brake and compressing the caliper.:ride: this is suspose to cause the air to bleed up the lines and into the reservoir. Has anyone tried this? Does it work? I may give it a shot tomorrow.

I had this happen once after changing a tire. The inside brake pad was not seated properly in the top retainer.

You did pump the pedal enough to get the pads back up against the disc, or just a ride around the block?

I rebuilt my rear caliper, it was pretty easy but I didn't get it bled well enough. I ended up using my mityvac.

I just bought a motion pro brake bleeder but haven't got to try it out yet.

Has anyone used carbon graphite pads? I tried a set on the front but it seems like they don't have enough stopping power. They don't seem to be seating evenly, I need to take the time to tear into it, for now I just put the old pads back on.

I reseated the loose pad into the top retaining clip. There is no other way to correct that kind of problem.

I use sintered pads for longer life and resistance to sand.

Thank you for all the info. The pad seems to be seated correctly and prior to the ride i made sure to pump the brakes the term i was refering to is called back bleeding, which is described the same as my first post. has anyone tried this.

Never tried back bleeding (pressing against pads/pistons and pumping brake). If the pads did not engage I look for mechanical problems first and then flush the old brake fluid (making sure it pumps out OK), refill and bleed.

Hey guys just a quick up date. the back bleeding worked out great. peddle was soft and non responsive. took off rear brake fluid cap. then put a nice heafty screw driver between pad and disc. as a was pushing down on the brake, i was also pulling on the screwdriver to compress the caliper. after my third attempt. bluuuuup. two air bubbles. took the screw driver out pumped the brakes. and took it for a spin.Brakes work great, skidded to a stop.

Thanks for the update, I'll remember to try this if my brakes go soft after taking a wheel off for maintenance.

I did not think it was going to work. It was quite hard to do alone. i suggest two people one on the brake and one on the screw driver.

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