06' 450 popping under decelleration

Just got my 06' 450 (brand new, carb stock settings). I have about 2 hours on the bike thus far, and love it. The only thing that is a little annoying is that when you totally chop the throttle it pops and cracks with deceleration. My 99' 400F did this a bit, but my 01' 426 had no problems with this at all. Is this common out of the box on new ones and anyone find a remedy so I don't have to re-invent the wheel trying to fix it....the last thing I want is to mess around with the complex carb and get it fouled up.

You guys are always helpful and thanks!


All 06 yz450s did this your pilet jet is to lean get #48.

Cman,yeah thats common,it's a lean condition,change pilot jet,stock is 42,

go to 45..you can also richen up by using fuel screw,(bottom of carb)and

you can also change main jet....but first richen up pilot jet first, do "baby steps"...I went one step higher on pilot and main,and it seemed to decrease

the popping under decel...it all depends on elevation and temps.

My 07 is the same, I did the ZipTy mod, I went to 165 main and adjusted the Air/fuel screw. The bike runs great, no bog, instant throttle response. I was reading that a bit decel poping is good, to get maximum power the bike should be slightly on the lean side. Has anyone else heard or been told this?

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