Wanted - Scotts Steering Bolt-On Mount

I can't post 'wanted' ads in the classified section so I'm doing it here. Anyone have a bolt-on Scotts steering stabilizer mount for a early 00-03 YZ? I just need the piece that goes around the frame tube, not the bar clamp.

I know which models will fit various bikes (most of the YZs from the early part of this decade are the same) so let me know what you have and I'll get you the funds ASAP!




All of those individual pieces are available singly or in kits from Scotts, you know? You should at least check there so you'll know what's fair to pay for the used parts if you find them.


Thanks Grayracer...I've checked this out already and been looking on Ebay as well. The part direct from Scotts, including tax and shipping, is just over $100.00, which is a little pricey for this particular project.

I'm hoping someone has one laying around the garage for a bike they sold or something.

call dh1 racing he might have some laying around

Give the TT store a call... I know for a fact it should be cheaper than 100 bucks shipped to you in cali :thumbsup: should be in the 92 or 93 dollar range if memory serves me right.. my buddy back home just got one. :worthy:

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