Go for the real deal...

Ocassionally I have read threads asking 'should I buy a 450? will it be too much for me etc. or should I get something smaller..

Well you might learn from my experience. My 16 year old son had joined me here in Dubai recently after living in Australia for several years. So I wanted to get him something to ride so we could go together. At first I wanted to get a new YZ450. My rational. He can learn on the 07 which feels lighter and when he gets the idea I'll put him on the 05 I have and I'll have a new bike..

No he didn't want that.. too heavy and hard to kick he says and too hard to steer. No he wants a quad..

Well I bought a second hand banshee and he was enjoying that a lot. But this weekend he got on my YZ450 and it all clicked for him. Now he is finding the banshee a bit tame and much prefers the YZ. He was jumping, lifting the front end generally having a ball. Well here we are, one of us has to ride the banshee... :thumbsup::worthy:

Moral of the story, I should have just made him ride a real bike or do without right. But then I might have been riding on my own.

Anyways the banshee will be up for sale soon and I'll get that 07 YZ450 after all so I guess all ends well.

But for those of you sitting on the fence, you might consider: once you get your confidence up anything less than a YZ450 is going to be like Marty McBride said "like kissing your sister" just not very satisfying...


good luck selling the quad;)

i ride both quads and bikes.you're lucky your son took to the bike after the quad. a lot of people start their kids on 4 wheels and a auto clutch and it becomes a crutch they can't break.this doesn't mean quads are bad but a bike teaches skills you will use for the rest of your life.:thumbsup:

good story and im glad you convinced him to ride and now he is getting a bike

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