Broken hub

I went riding this past week after just servicing my 06 yz450 and landed a 60 foot double and the bck tire just locked up, i looked at the wheel and the hub just expolded! I know it was not because of over tightning the chain or the bolts coming loose because i had just checked everything about 30 min before all the carnage. Before the hub broke i have always had trouble keeping sproctet bolts in it, i use grade 10 ironman bolts, and coat the whole bolt with locktite. About every other time of riding they come loose or are completely missing. Yamaha used the same hub on the 450s and they do on the 125s...i think that is crazy. Thats just asking for trouble. They definatly need to recall them and strengthen the hubs on the 450s!

i believe this has happend to others...just go to your dealer and talk it over

should have you all new parts needed for replacement :thumbsup:

My '04 is in the shop right now for the same thing. Landed and heard a pop - looked down and the hub has let loose, the sprocket folded in half and the chain jammed itself into and bent the shift shaft.

OK, let's look at it from a correct perspective: Yamaha uses the same hub on the 125 as they use on the 450, not the other way around. All of the big 4 do the same thing, and it hasn't been a problem until '06.

You say you know the chain adjustment was correct because you checked it just before you rode, but did you actually measure it? The '06 and '07 require more slack in the chain than the early models (2.3" vs. 2.1"), and virtually everyone who looks at a correctly tensioned '06 chain thinks it's loose. If you ride with it tight, THAT is asking for trouble.

The failure of the left bearing pocket have been, and should be, usually, warrantied. Failures resulting from breaking off the sprocket bolts and the sprocket flange on the hub are caused by an over tight chain, and are user error.

i have had 2 hub explosions on my 06..first time required engine cases,yamaha paid all parts but no labor..second time bought excel hub & rim and have not had any problems thus far this year.still checking sprocket bolts but so far so good..also had engine explosion last holloween at sugar tree.....again yamaha paid all parts no labor, still in love with my steed...

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