Baja Designs Question

With the Comp needle, the clip is usually in the thrid position, at sea level.

Not really what I was asking.

Not really what I was asking.

If BD's is selling you a BR53E or comp needle, you should seat the clip in the third seat a sea level with a stock bike normally.

Is there something called a needle jet that comes with the needle?

If Baja designs ordered the part from honda and is reselling it, it will come with the needle jet holder. I ordered mine directly from honda, and it came with the needle, clip, and needle jet holder.

I just got a response from them. It's only the needle. No holder clip or any of the other parts you need. Can I just use the stock needle jet holder or are they differnt?

I'm not sure if they are different or not. I would feel better putting a new holder while it was apart. Depending how long and how much use the original had, it has to have some wear. Than again, you might never know a difference if you use the original.:thumbsup:

Agreed. I wonder if I can just get the holder and clip from them.

Ok, apparently it does include the clip and holder they're now saying. I guess we'll see when it gets here. That would make more sense than just sending someone the needle only.

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