Bike involved in flood....what next?




Yup, all three of 'em. (and two '06 250f's)

What needs to be done? (Flood was today in NY watch the new's, insurance stuff needs to be sussed out but.........will the scoot's go again?

Gray racer and others, I need details!

You have a lot of work ahead. The right way to do this is to tear them each down, clean them out, and put them back together.

It's one thing if it's just water, but more often, flood waters are full of dirt, and several other things that you just can't get rid of by changing oil.

Damn.....I guess the good news is that the 5 bikes have 5 owners so, everyone is gonna get an education on the inner workings of the yzf.

Thanks gray......and uhm, I may be needing your phone number too.


Things you probably won't have to disassemble:

Rear shock

front forks

Things that depend on how deep the water was:

Fuel tank

Steering head bearings

Oil tanks on pre-'06 models (DON'T start the engines :thumbsup: )

Things you'll need to deal with:


Swing Arm and linkage

Wheel bearings

Control cables

Wiring connectors

You have my sympathies.

It looks like the water level went to the level of the oil filter but not to the height of the top end or the airbox, carb, spark plug areas.

Regreasing is just time so no biggie there.

The bikes were probably in the water from dusk until dawn pretty much. Garage door blew inwards and basement door snapped completely in two under the door handle like a saloon door. Muddy mess.

Well, then, you may be in luck.

Without running the engines beforehand, slowly remove the drain plugs from both the tank (reservoir in the late 450's) and crankcases and watch carefully the first little bit of oil that flows from each drain. If there is water present, it will drain out first. If there is none, then your oil was probably not contaminated at all, and you won't have to worry about that. Once you do the oil change, run the bike up for a short time to warm up the oil, and then look for signs of the oil turning milky, which would indicate water was present. Again, if not, no worries.

Do the wheel bearings and linkage and count your blessings.

Thanks again Gray for this advice as well as all of the other information you post. I've learned and passed on a lot of info that I've garnered here.

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