07 WR License plate Mounting?????

I've emailed the ebayer too, as I want one when he's done a redesign!

I made one out of sheet aluminum. cheap, easy and still on the bike 3 years on.

here's my new ufo rear fender it was 62 bucks and came with this plate holder


Hey guys,

I'm the one who came up with the "roof vent" concept and it works well as long as you don't have any weight on the rear fender and don't bottom your suspension. Since installing it originally I've added a rear fender tool bag and have lowered my suspension. So now the plate gets sucked in frequently enough that I have to tape it up and out of the way. Fortunately the plate does not get damaged but turn indicators are getting all bent out of shape because everything is integrated together. I really wanted to make it work with the OEM tail light. I've ordered a Baja Designs rear light/plate holder and the mini stalk turn indicators and will post a picture after I install it.



I used a sheet of lightweight aluminum. I left the plastic tailight wiring cover in place under the fender. I put nylon spacers on longer screws to attach the aluminum sheet below the cover. I used two 1 1/2" screws in the rear holes and one 1" screw in the front hole - all stainless #12. I put 5mm lockwashers on them and filed the screw tips flat. The spacers were nylon 1/2" OD x .257" ID that came 1" long. I cut the rear two to 3/4" long and the front one to 1/4" long. The license plate mounting area is only 6" wide so I folded the edges of the plate around is leaving only the #'s showing. All parts from Home Depot. Hope that helps. It works great.


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