I just destroyed my rear brake lever racing yesterday . Any ideads on a good replacement. Mine is bent out past the foot peg right now. I might be able to bend it back???? But will it still be strong enough????

By the way, its really tough to finish a race when your lever is out past the foot peg:banghead: .........


I did the same thing way out in the middle of nowhere and managed to make it back to camp after bending it back somewhat. Dont try to bend it back and then rely on it because the pedal becomes weak after it bends. I found one on evilbay for about $15 bucks with $5 in shipping. Good luck.

same thing... clipped mine on a rock trail riding and smashed the tip flat and bent the lever, got a used one on e bay in the 20.00 range.

I was racing and hit some dude that crashed right in front of me....It bent mine out like 3 inches.... I might get an aftermarket one with the brake snake to prevent it in the future.

I've got one from an '01 426 that I'm parting out. Let me know if you're interested.

I Was About To Say Asv, But Then I Saw That You Were Talking About Your Rear Brake Haha. Ebay Always Good

i just ordered a spring loaded sunline. its the only one that i could find other than stock

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