XRR frame welding ?

My new to me '00 650r has a cracked subframe mount on the lower right side, and the subframe is cracked at the upper left front mount (where the insert is). Can these areas be welded, or is there a better fix?

Yes, they CAN be welded, but you should see if you can get a subframe thats not cracked instead.

Since the subframe is aluminum, and the cracks are at the welds, the amount of work required to do this will probably be more than getting a new subframe. A buddy of mine just went through this on his cr 250.

Look on eBay. Theres always guys parting out bikes there, and you might be able to get a subframe for cheap.

Any pics of the cracks?

yes they can be....i crashed my steed bad last summer and cracked the frame at the top where the subframe mounts on......i tig welded it up shes mint

sub frame on ebay right now!

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