night riding

I am a big fan of night riding :ride: .... BUT my 426 doesnt have a light and the stator isnt big enought to run lights off it.:worthy: .. where is the best place to get a light and stator for a decent price. I am not looking to make it street legal but like I said I love to night ride...:thumbsup:


there are several options for night riding in the way of lighting depending on how much you want to spend

Have you seen the helmet mounted lighting system that carries. It runs off of a lithiam ion battery they say it lasts up to 3 hours on a charge. I don't know anyone that has some but for about 200 bills it doesn't sound like a bad alternative.

ya that sounds kinda cool actually but im looking to spend prolly bout 300-400 bills. I would prefer to have a light on the bike though.

Trust me from experience, a light on the bike is nice, but having a pair on your helmet is AWESOME!! :thumbsup: With the bike mounted light, you might get a little wider beam that won't die after a few hours, but the light only shines where your bike is pointed. With the helmet mounted lights, the light shines where you are looking and consequetly where you will be going. We do about 4 night races a year, and the bike mounted light is more like a back up and the helmet lights are where we focus our pre-race attention. The RMtn set up works just fine. Buy the extra battery pack! It's great insurance if the first pack dies out. :worthy:


Just looking at the site it is going to cost about 250 for a single and 350 for a double light set up (when you include the cost of the battery pack)

Have to admit I am tempted.

I use my Nightrider (for my mountain bike). Bolts right on to my Renthal Vintage/Desert High bends, fits under the crossbar. I put the battery in a asspack. Its fine for tooling around on trails, but if you go really fast (like out in the desert) you go faster than the lights illuminates and you' find yourself riding off the trail.

Gotta agree with Dr. T. I ride mtn bikes and its easy to outride the light on a bike. LvThumper is also correct, helmet is the place to have your light.

the lights on the helmet are great i should have bought a set but i have the eline with a acrebis diamond light and i love it no complaints yet. i got a sweet deal

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