Turkey Texas Enduro- Anyone raced it?

I'm thinking about driving down to the Turkey Texas Enduro on 3/17. I've never raced an enduro before and the Colorado races don't start for a while. Has anyone raced this area yet? If so, what is the terrain like and are there any interesting tips for a rookie? I'm debating taking my YZ or my XR400.

Roostn in Denver

I rode it 85 and 86 so I don’t have much to offer that’s current except the Texas State Championship Enduro Circuit boys have their act together! Checkout http://www.tscec.org for detailed info on EVERYTHING you asked about. This has got to be one of the best enduro sites on the web. I am sure these guys will bend over backwards to get you the info you need. All you have to do is ask.

Good luck

4 of us made the drive from Phoenix last year. I unfotrunatlly blew up in the grand prix on Saturday and did not make the enduro Sunday. All three of my friends LOVED it. One "C" rider and 2 "B" riders, all first time enduro racers. The "C" guy said it was the funnest ride he had ever done. It rained during the race last year and traction was great in some places and a littli slick in others for him The two "B" guys were amazed at how tight the "B" sections were, but they also said it was the funnest race they had ever done (were desert racers used to going 100mph). There were no rocks, and the dirt is awsome when a little wet. It is a must do race for us now, hope too see you there.

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