Help, I need to replace my 426 exhaust

I need to replace the exhaust on my '01 426. I went riding yesterday, and I developed a hairline crack at the inside seam of my Yosh pipe. By the time I got back to my truck, it looked like this!



I have never seen this before, but I am not impressed with Yoshimura's durability. :ride: This pipe was installed over the 4th of July weekend this past summer. Yes, I race, I crash, and :thumbsup: happens, but this was not expected at all! :ride:

I was looking for a slip on, rather than full system, due to $$$ so if anyone has any suggestions for the following, I would appreciate it!! :worthy:

1. FMF Power Core 4

2. FMF Q2 - I know it's quite, but performance??

3. FMF Ti-4

4. Pro Circuit T4

5. Pro Circuit 496

6. White Brothers E2

7. Supertrapp IDS2

8. HMF (this one looks interesting in the TT Store) Anyone??

9. Thunder Alley

10. Dr. D full system Exhaust (I know it's not a slip on, but it's not much more)

I have read some good and bad about some of these, but price is a consideration, as well as noise. I know that #3, #4, #10, and supposedly #8 are all quite loud, and that #2 and #6 are supposed to be quiet, but how do you like the performance?

Thanks for your input!!


Those that I can comment on with reasonable accuracy are:

Thunder Alley: LOUD

FMF Ti4/Factory 4: good system, light, much tougher than the Yoshimura, not terribly loud, but not the quietest, good wide power band with the Power Bomb header, expensive.

Dr.D: a little heavy due to the stainless steel, but not really an issue. Very sturdy. Better low end than stock on an '06, great mid range with no loss on top, some quieter than the Ti4, excellent value.

I had the T-4 on my 426 and yes it was quite loud but man what a difference on the bottom to mid.

go with the dr.d thats what i got on my 426 and it's great have had no problems and is no louder than stock

i have the pro circuit 496 on mine and it came witht he bike i didn't buy it and its not that loud. it sounds different though. has some really nice low end. i think im going to get a powercore4 though

I tore a Yoshi up too. I'll never buy another one. I replaced it with a FMF Ti4 with the powerbomb header. I'm pleased with the quality & performance of the FMF, but I think it ran better with the Yosh.

Thanks for the input. I don't mean to be a cheap :thumbsup: but I was looking at the HMF at the TT Store, and I was wondering if they are any good? :worthy: Right now I am leaning toward the Pro Circuit T-4, or spending the extra $$ for the Dr. D complete system. My problem is I plan on picking up an '08 yz450, so I don't feel like dropping too much more on my 426 over the next 6 months. The more I spend (outside of normal oil, tires, etc) the longer I have to wait. :ride:

Well, I will be picking up my Dr. D complete next week from the TT Store!!! :thumbsup:

My Yoshi muffler better not do that. I need to take a closer look!

Yeah I was looking at getting a Yoshi but I had owners warn me about them so I got the Dr.D complete system instead and have been real happy with it.

whatever you do. dont buy supertrapp.. i have one on my 426 and absolutly hate it.. wish i still had the stocker.

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