07 AIS Kit contents

Can someone please tell me exactly what jets are included in this kit? I just bought an 07 WR450 and the kit is backordered everywhere I check. I want to go to my dealer and get the jets I need. So far, I have left the AIS on, removed the airbox snorkel, removed the pea shooter, and shortened the throttle screw.



try calling roseville powersports in michigan,they had a updated kit in stock the other day. 586-859-2600 ask for jim in parts

1. Block off plate

2. Intake plug

3. Air box plug

4. Cable tie, 5 1.2" (2)

5. Cable tie, 3 1/2" (1)

6. Jet needle

7. Pilot jet, #50

8. Main jet, #175

9. Main air jet, #110 (this is the correct jet after recall)

10. Leak jet

11. Fuel Adjust screw

12. Needle clip

Thanks for the info. The jets in the kit are really different than stock.

Here is my dilemma. I have a shiny new 07 450 and just completed free mods. Airbox opened, throttle screw shortened and pea shooter removed.

It seems to run really well. JUMPS right off idle, pulls hard through 3rd, and then seems to flatten a bit in 4th. Do I really need to rejet???? How do I know if I am lean or rich? Or...should I just leave it alone?

Any comments wlcome!



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