Bought Xr600,might Be Wrong Bike 4 Me

Has anyone ridden both the WR450 VS. XR600? I can get a nice WR450 from a buddy at work for a song. How much difference is there between the 2 bikes. I realize that the suspension on the WR450 is probably nicer than my 14 yr. old XR, but is there a big difference in weight and power delivery? Also, my bike has a Clarke BIG tank on it 3+ gallon, and I dont have a stock tank. Would the stock tank make a noticeable difference in how it handles in the tight terrain? All of your help is greatly appreciated.

P.S. How would a XR600 do in a GP type course? There is a track called Starvation ridge and Eddieville in Washington that has some races I would like to try.


IF :p your willing to rev out a bit more than the WR is a better bet for you (after what you have described in this thread). Not as much power on the bottom but once you get used to where the power is via higher revs# you'll be fine:thumbsup: . Less of a tractor but enough power for the bike to get out of it's own way. Could be worse, you could be looking at a 250!:applause:

If you get one for a song you won't be disapointed:applause: . With that said, try it out before you buy...:excuseme:

I am 5'10, 160pnds and switched to the 650r a couple years ago. I was riding an XR250R. It took me awhile to get used to the steering (use the throttle if you want to turn sharp )but I have found it was well worth it. I like my trails as tight as mother nature can make 'em. Ruts:ride: Rocks:ride: creaks:ride: hills, you name it. The more tech the more I smile. I also run the 13/48, if you can master the throttle the 650 will "lighten up". For me it will out-handle the 250 any day. Don't get me wrong, I loved my XR250R, they're darn good bikes, it's all about the rider. Oh, and the tank thing; I never noticed a diff when I added my clark 4.3 so switching to stock may not help. Hate to see you get rid of an XR, but if you do good luck with the WR.:applause:

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