98 WR400F Methamphetamine problems

Yes, my bike feels like it's on Meth. I appreciate the awesome power and snap on the track, but I need to set up my bike for trail riding and Moab. I've got a 13-53 set up now, but wonder if there is anything else I can do to get more bottom end.

All suggestions welcome.

i always here people say how the have perfect gearing setup.i really think riding style and preferences are more important than the riding terrain when i comes to choosing gearing.i here a lot of guy with yz and wr's say how great there bike feels since they change to 13t front or a bigger rear sprocket.im exactly the opposite i like my bike geared with 15/49 and i mostly ride tight single track with big hills.i like fast bike over bike with lot of torgue.im not saying im faster rider than them[but i probably am]most likely its just that i ride bike in different part of powerban than they do.i probably have every size sprocket you can get buy,and i never change front depending on riding conditions i will sometimes switch up to a 51t tooth rear.

Header pipe and Change up to the 19inch wheel are about the only two (Torque) options that are left. You have the gearing setup that generates the "Most" low end torque available. Changing to a 14/53 will open up the mid range and the top end. I run 13/53 for the MX track and 14/53 for HS and general trail riding...Works Great for me. The 14/50 stock was a giant pain in the A$$ when working in the tight stuff (Too Much Clutch work) and the damn thing always wanted to stall.

Bonzai :)

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