07 YZ450F help please

Just switched over to a 07 YZ450F. The only thing that I would like to improve is the handling. Not that it’s bad, it’s not razor sharp like I am use too. Everything else is easily fixable.

In review:

I am in line with the specifications on the suspension spring weights

Put on the best front tire for local track conditions

Put sag at 95

Raised fork tubes in triple clamps to the 5mm line

Played with the air pressure in tires

Still the handling is off. I feel the twitch and then the push at entry, I can control this.

My problem is center to exit my front will want to tuck under the bike.

Is there anything else I can try, 24mm offset or am I just riding it like my other bike? Do I need to slide my weight off the gas tank and lower my leg off the top of the shroud to move my weight to the back tire or stay centered? Or should I get even more weight on the front?

Raise the forks to 10mm try it you will like it.I don't know about the 07 I have the 06 and the best thing I've done is get rid of those stupid bars.try the ones you had on your old scoot.Do these things before you go the offset rout.Igot the 22 offsets before I changed the bars and raised the forks at 10mm {i thought 10 would be to high] they made an improvment but not the same way as say putting offsets on a 04crf450.

Ya, RG3 and SDG stepseat on brand H. I liked it, but I hated having the bike in the shop every other month.

play with the clickers!!!!!!!!!!

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