xr600 oil fitting size?

Would anybody know what size female fittings are used for the two short hoses on the '86 xr600 dry sump? I take it the larger of the two lines is the feed line?

I need to fabricate some adapters to usa a external oil res.

Also, what is the procedure for priming the system and verifying flow at first start-up? I'd hate to burn this thing up.

Thanks for any info.


I know they are metric,you could do it the easy way like I did just cut the brass lines on the bike and slide a 3/8 rubber oil cooler hose over the it and clamp it with 2 hose clamps on each line,then take your oil cooler and rethread the threads to american pipe threads then just insert a 90 degree brass fitting withe a 3/8 barb fitting inserted into that,use some loctite hydraulic sealent on the threads. as for priming, I was worried about that on mine,but the oil pumps up so fast it takes only a couple of seconds to get the flow going,don't worry every time you shut the bike off all the oil flows down,thats why are bikes are a bitch to check the oil on.

oil cooler set up 001.jpg

oil cooler set up 004.jpg

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