'08 Yz450???

Wouldn't be surprised if we see small changes in the frame similar to what the 250f has this year, plus new swingarm. New valving especailly the shock(due to the new swingarm). Small engine upgrades and a 2 lb weight decrease.

I think this year they are going to focus on handling. The bike is already amazing.


If they can inject street bikes, what makes you think they'll have problems with dirt bikes. Anyways doesn't cannondale (SP?) already have a FI bike out?

I would have thought this was true. It is not like it was a totally new technology..

The only things different about MX bikes are the challenges involved in operating the system without a battery. EFI requires fuel pressure to start, and good, sophisticated systems require more than can be practically delivered by engine driven mechanical pumps (about 75 psi). It remains to be seen how each manufacturer will address this. Polaris uses a capacitor to drive the pump. First pull charges it, second pull starts. Honda is said to be using a plunger type pump connected to the kick starter. We'll see what shows up.

Word from the Japanese Nationals was '09 for EFI. There's only one way to know for sure, though.

But I want one now :applause:

the answer to when fi will be out is; whenever the contract each factory has entered to buy the fcr carb expiers.

KTM will be there before anyone else im sure....New ones already have a batt in them 2 if i recall

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