any aussies?

any aussies in here or what?

hey yeh im an aussie... dont have a wr i have a yz but am looking at buying a wr or exc 450... great to see another aussie on herew to keep these americans at bay

where the bloody hell are you?

im aussie

:thumbsup: victoria here go the tigers


Right here cobber

Go the Power, SA

i am from melbourne too

i have a WR450

im from Tamworth. if any of yous come up here tell me and we can go riding

Farkin' oath mate! There are heaps of us here. :thumbsup:

Granville, NSW (near Parramatta)

any aussies in here or what?

You bet, Plenty of very helpful info in here. Perth based.


yep from newcastle and love it

another wr rider from newcastle area some great riding around here :thumbsup:

ktm rider from melbourne, we need some rain - the trails are too dry!

Geelong.IT"s as dry as a dead wombats ding dong.

just went to noojee in vic need 10 air filters per hour lol its slim dusty

there must be more lurking here somewhere

Im from Tathmania , norven Tathmania

Hey Fella's! Just signed up, I'm in the blue mountains, if you're ever out this way let me know :thumbsup: We are going riding @ sunny corner state forest tomorrow (sat 21/4).

Nothing hardcore, just cruising around the trails there.

Great to see so many Aussies on-line

keep it coming fella's :thumbsup:

i ride around aireys inlet/ anglesea (Melbourne) mainly

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