any aussies?

hey dudes if your in victoria and looking for somewhere to ride there is a book called weekend warriors 1 and 2 its full of heaps of good tips and riding locations i think you can see it on

:lol::ride::p:ride: :ride: :ride::thumbsup::worthy::ride:

Melbourne, Victoria ... AUSTRALIA !!

... and way proud to be !!

sydney Go the tigers...

Shame there not blue

Stevo from Townsville, Nth QLD

Surfin the net on nightshift at work.

1996 TT350

2001 WR426F


I'm not Aussie but my wife is. I'll be in the merry old land of Oz in July in Mackay. Does anyone know of a place nearby where I can rent a bike and do some riding?

One more here! anyone riding in the Illawarra area drop me a message always looking for more ride buddys.

Another shout for Sydney, XR4 rider

Hey mate come down to Nowra/Milton, we ride there pretty often.

PM me

I am from good ole Mackay in North Queensland. I am pretty sure a place called Norside Motorcycles rents bikes out, and as to places to ride we are pretty short thanks to the council crackin down. Try places like the Slade Point dunes and the Harbour Dunes or somethin. There is 2 tracks nearby but 1 is hardly open and the other is a pain in the ass to find.

Windsor NSW

Ipswich QLD for me

06 WR450F

04 VFR800i

Crikey's. Put me down as well.

(Covict Relo's & All).

Parramatta District, Sydney, New Soth Wales, Australia

Port Augusta South Australia. O4 wrf. 03 raptor. Still lots of places to ride here but it is getting harder.

Perth here.

Carn the Dockers, Western Force, Oriols, Warriors, Wildcats, Glory....that should take care of the teams....except the Eagles, bunch of drug taking, name calling cheats....:applause:

Kingswood N.S.W. Near Penriff. (Penrith):applause:

Hey fellas,

You can add an Adelaide boy to the list!

heading to the pines at eildon vic next week supposed to be the nastiest hillclimbs in the state cant wait camping bbqs, bikes and of course cold beers at the end of the day might even take the 300 magnum lots of sambar deer round there:ride:

Echcua, vic

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