any aussies?

You have got to be joking, mate - read the write up on about that site

you still crying over that......

Brisvages WR400 Tard

aussie here... was in Newcastle/Hunter valley now in townsville, good riding down south, nothing but rocks and dust up here!!!!

Aussie all the way, Melbourne and Sydney

Ballarat Vic

Hey guys, I'm from canberra. Ride mainly in the Brindibella's and down the coast behind batemans bay and moruya. Shit loads of tracks, always get lost and use half a tank just trying to find my way out!!

Here is another one... S E burbs of Melbourne

G'day, another aussie hear, born and breed in North Queensland. Go the Maroons!

Hey everyone! I live in Sydney and just picked up my first dirt bike last night. An 03 WR450 so I'm pretty stocked and trying to get as much info as possible!

Aussie Aussie Aussie..................

and I live in a 07 four fidy, which I've only had for about 2 months..........I like it

Another here, North West Sydney:ride:

Another one here, 300 klicks north of Perth. WRF400. Whats dirt? all we have here is sand dunes sand tracks limestone and salt lakes.

Present and accounted for

I see a few familar faces too.:D

Mr Blueseas

Im from south western NSW but im at uni in Sydney. Im bringing my WR426 down next year and looking to find a few trails to go to on weekends

tassie tassie

im from north eastern melbourne, got me newly accuried 05 wr450f, absolute balst to ride, i love it, it scared me the first time i rode it (coming of klx250) teh thing was wheelstanding 3rd 4th with out even me trying! loving it now thou that im used to the power what a ride puts a smile on my face everythime i ride it, got all free mods, fmf 4.1 slip on, protapers, I LOVE THIS BIKE!!!!

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