acerbis headlight

Hi guys i was just wondering how many of yu guys run acerbis headlights.I was wondering how long the bulbs last and if there are any problems with them i have just purchased the dhh headlight seems to be well made hope it lasts.

is that the whole unit or just the light itself?

which ever how much was it?


:) I've run the DHH for the last three month's had a few spills, but so far (touch wood!) no dmamge, the light it throws is quite good as well! :D


Did the DHH bolt on pretty easy?

I have a 01 wr426


:) Yeah pretty much, I made two little "S" shaped brackets to bring the stock mounts in at the top (real easy to do) then just used the "Rubber Band" mounts for the bottom.

The thing is solid, and for a guess the aim is pretty good too! :D

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