Nashville-area Riding Opportunities

I'm looking for dirt bike riding opportunities - private or public - in and around the Nashville area. I prefer MX tracks but my wife/kids prefer pasture/light woods.

We're surrounded by all this farmland but unfortunately I don't own any of it. :ride:

I'd also appreciate your thoughts about Honda Hills and Wooly's Off-road if you've been there before. :thumbsup::worthy:

Thanks a bunch.

If you go to the 68/80 exit in Kentucky up I-24 and then over the river and through the woods to the Trace, theres Turkey Bay in LBL. Its not the best but wives and kids make it pretty good. If you can get away from your wife and kids you can have a pretty good time.

I have a neighbor who's originally from KY and he too suggested Turkey Bay. Thanks for the info.

I second LBL. It is probably the closest to the Nashville area,the POPs lives in Antioch. We use to go up there when we could. Also you might try to find out about Ceadars of Lebanon State Park(in Lebanon,Tn) You use to could ride over there a little.They may have shut it down last I heard though. Nachez Trace is further west.

LBL is the best bang for the buck.

Hope this helps.

There is not supposed to be any drinking during riding time and everyone has to wear a helmet. They have little maps of the trails. You'll have them figured out on your own in 2 hours if you get out on your own. You can make it as dangerous as you want.

LBL is just about the only place I ride. I've tried coal creek but it was a little much for the wifey.

Cedars has been closed for a few years, I've heard rumors of it reopening. Any one else hearing this?

143 shut down but there is another place just a few miles up highway 13 called volunteer valley, I haven't been there yet, they have a website I think.

I've been thinking about Honda Hills one weekend, I had a map bookmarked...or so I thought, can't find it now. Anyone been there?

Join Middle Tennesse Dirt Riders.

We ride at least once a month. Sometimes it's the guys and sometimes it's the families.


I took the family out to Honda Hills this weekend and was not too impressed. It's about 35 miles from my house and it took us about an hour to get there. Small, slow 2-lane roads the whole way but it was an enjoyable drive through the country.

They charge $10 per bike and have about 80 acres. They also have a small supercross-style track. There were two bermed turns holding TONS of water so I only did one lap and moved to the trails. (Track is also very slick from the churt covering.)

The trails were not much better as they all seem to lead quickly to a dead end. I felt like I did more turning around than anything.

There are some decent hillclimbs and we watched some guys working on a step-up jump - very cool. My kids and wife climbed a couple of hills that led to a flat area that had several jumps. They had a good time around there.

All in all, I don't think we'll be going back. The owners are nice but the riding wasn't too spectacular.

If you've been, let me know of your experiences.

Wooley's is by far a better place to take the family. Riding areas are split down the middle by the road you come in on. Easy to get to. the trails on the building side are more woods and hills trails, some are knarly in the wet, but don't let that scare you away. Plenty of the trails are just fine even in the wet.

The other side of the road is made up of some huge rolling feilds seprarated by some occasional tree lines and hills. This side of the road is great for the wife and kids especially if they are beginners or novice. Not sure of the agreage, but i would estimate Wooley's is 20 to thirty times bigger than Honda Hills.

I wouldn't waste my time with Honda Hills. Been to both and there is no comparison. Two thumbs down for HH and Two Thumbs up for Wooley's.

Book it and go to Wooley's

For MX stuff check out the following (Bowling Green Area)

Dunn's Playground is another place to go in the Bowling Green area. Lots of fun, Tow mx tracks, one for beginners and kids, excellent easy track with small jumps. A freestyle track for the experts and a huge 2 or 3 mile woods Motocross track.

You may wan to to check out an orginization called Northern Alabama Trail Riders Association. They lease land south west of Lawrenceburg and it is another great place to ride if you are south of Nashville.

The suggestion to join MTDR is a good one.

For middle tennessee woods riding (motorcycle only), nothing beats the Cumberland Mountain Riders Association (CMRA) land just south of Winchester, TN (17000 acres, 100 miles of trails). This is a members only riding area. There is also a motocross track at the base of the mountain (Mountain View MX Park).

You might want to checkout Prentice Coope State Forest near Chattanooga. It is about the only State operated ORV area in TN.

Another place you might want to check into is North Alabama Trail Riders Association (NATRA). They have several riding areas listed on their website. They have a members only riding area called Westpoint near Lawrenceburg, TN.

A good place to take the family is Houston Valley ORV just south of Chattanooga in Georgia. Bad things are that it is crowded on Saturdays with ATVs and the trails are two-way traffic. $5 each to ride on this Federal Land.

Also, there is Coal Creek near Oak Ridge, TN.

Anyone know if Turkey Bay inforces the spark arrestor mandate? We are thinking of going this weekend and none of us have them.

I've never had a spark-arrestor check. I didn't even know you were supposed to have them.

Anyone know if Turkey Bay inforces the spark arrestor mandate? We are thinking of going this weekend and none of us have them.

They don't check for spark arrestors.

lbl takes the cake with woolys a close second andmhonda hills is fun with the kids. check woolys website not sure if they are open yet. website is in the w2r forum

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