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Does anyone know if it would be possible to put a Wide Ratio 1st and 2nd gear into a 2002 yz 426 tranny? I do a lot of tight technical goat trails, where a wide ratio would be amazing, but I want to keep the pure mx beast that my 426 is. Has anyone ever heard of this being done? If not, anyone have experiance with the different transmissions, and if the splines would line up fine?



The 426's were different from the early 450 in that both the WR and YZ were 5 speeds. You should be able to swap in the second gear pair from the WR along with the WR main shaft and first gear wheel (the 1st gear pinion is cut on the main shaft). You will need to check closely that the locking lugs or slots on the sides of the new gears engage correctly with their new neighbors, but it should work. I know that people have done the mix-and-match thing with YZ250F's.

I thought I remember reading a few years back on this forum that you could put a WR 1st gear into a YZ 426... maybe it was 5th, but I thought it was first. The member who did it was Maniac998 I think, I know it was Maniac but not sure about the number. I doubt the old post still exists and I haven't seen Maniac on here in forever, but maybe that info is still around somewhere.

on the YZ the 1st and 2nd are already wider than on the WR

on the YZ the 1st and 2nd are already wider than on the WR
¿¿ ??

WR426: 2.231 1.733 1.313 1.050 0.840

YZ426: 1.846 1.533 1.278 1.091 0.952

The WR426 has a lower first gear and a wider ratio spacing in the first three gears (.498 and .420, or 23% and 24% vs. .313 and .255. or 17% and 17% in the YZ426). Using the bottom two from a WR with the top three of the YZ would widen the 17% gap between 2nd and third to 27%, however, because of the taller YZ 3rd, and the lower WR second. This may not work out the best for what you want. Given that, I'd say it might be better to use either the bottom 3 from the WR, which would widen the gap at 3-4 from 15% to 17%, and be a much smaller change, or just use the WR low gear. Doing that would give you quite a jump to second, but might work out, depending on how you use first gear.

Another approach would be to use the entire WR gear set and gear the bike down 12% to make 5th match your current gearing. This would give you an extremely low first gear, and have the effect of closing up the ratio spacing as well.

WR426: 2.231 1.733 1.313 1.050 0.840

YZ426: 1.846 1.533 1.278 1.091 0.952

it still stands my point

No, I'm afraid it precisely contradicts your contention, unless we are running afoul of some kind of language issue.

The gap between first and second (and second and third) is wider in the WR than in the YZ, which is the opposite of what you stated. There are the numbers.

Please explain how they show otherwise, if you care to.

the only thing about lingo must be that whend you say "low" or "tall" must mean "short" or "long".

whend you say that the WR´s 1st is "low", I translate as being "shorter" than a YZ. going through the gears, it progressively goes the opposite way turning the WR´s 5th "higher" or "longer" than the YZ´s.

WR426: 2.231 1.733 1.313 1.050 0.840

»498» »420» »263» »210»

YZ426: 1.846 1.533 1.278 1.091 0.952

»313» »255» »187» »139»

ok, the gap betheen 1st and 2dn on the WR is "whider" than on the YZ but still the 2nd is lower on the WR to the YZ( the bigger the numbers, the lower the gear, right?)

I which I could have a graphic to explain you better......

You're right, the ratios of the the first three gears of the YZF are "higher" (or longer), that is, they will produce higher speed at the same engine rpm when using the same rear gearing.

But the gaps between the gear ratios in the WR are greater or "wider", thus, we say the WR has a "wide ratio" transmission. The YZF has a "close ratio" trans.

The original poster was looking for a lower (shorter) first gear without giving up the overall "closeness" of the YZF trans.

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