Hard decision

I have a crf 250x and I am looking at getting a 06 WR 450F, my local dealer has some good deals going on but have quite a few WR's left and nothing else, so I was wondering if there is anything I should worry about before getting one, any problems that these bikes have or are they as solid as they look??

There's only one bike better and that's the 07.

They'll give many years of service with regular oil changes.

Just make sure you regrease suspension and steering head straightaway.:thumbsup:

I just got the 07. I've done all the research on any potential problems and what-not. The WR are seem like a real winner. BTW, you can get some really good deals on the 06's. The dealer I got mine from had a 06 wr 250 going for 4899 OTD, and the 450 was going for 5199. That's less than what I paid for my XR in 04!!!

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