YZ450f - Trail Ride - Honda Heckling!

**This video is pertinent to Yamaha owners...can we please not move it :thumbsup: **

I recently went on a little overnight trip to the Mojave Desert (Dove Springs) with some friends. I am the only guy out of 5 people with a Yamaha...and to boot they have Honda 450x's for trail/desert so Im the odd fish in the group.

All this means to me is lots of oppurtunity to HECKLE my Honda friends! My buddy Brad's electric start button failed and he was forced to kick start his bike...I had the helmet cam rolling..so...ENJOY!

PS: I rode the Honda 450x with Enzo suspension...this bike is SWEET for desert trail stuff...no disrespect for Honda here...I love the bike.

watch here:




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