Why Isn't She Selling???

Please disregard this thread. Thanks.

That might be kinda steep, depending on the year of the bike, and what it has done to it.

You gotta remember, there are 2000 650R's out there for around $3k now.

Please disregard this thread. Thanks.

You cnat really price the bike with mods in mind. I paid 3K for my 96xr600r with a ton of mods ( used to be a pro race bike ) and cali street legal. The problem with mods is that you have to go over the bike and make sure a complete retard ( no offense intended ) didnt mess the bike up. Its a good fair price but if you came down $500 it would sell. There are just too many deals out there and most people in cali want plated bikes, these sell like hot cakes. Good luck :thumbsup:

Does the motor have the HRC Cam and Piston? Or is it stock? Clean bike, are those original Clutch/Stator covers....look brand new! Good luck

Id say a little steep on price...guys with plated/supermoto'd XR's sell theres for that price

I'd buy it if I didn't already have one. I have to tell you it's one of the most TASTEFULLY modded XR's I've ever seen on here. I really mean that. You don't have a lot of useless junk on it. The stuff you did add is all top notch equipment. The bike even still looks pretty much OEM which is a great thing in my mind. I bookmarked your pictures when you posted them in the race ready thread and they helped decide what I wanted to do with my bike. Don't sleep on this one guys.

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