2007 wr 450 vers kawi klx 450

The Honda guy in the GNCC's races a 450X. Whibley? I can't remember how to spell his name but I think it sounds something like that. He's not from the US.

I think Whibley's X is almost R. Officially, R for motocross and X for off-raod.

But we can not know factory riders ride on R or X. That's Honda way.

The Profile on GNCCracing.com says he's on a 450X. If it is almost an "R" it is like an uncorked WR with a YZ exhaust cam and pipe. Its still a WR.

Well I bought the WR. 6599.00 out the door. If anyone else wants one, call jim at LA YAMAHA in Marina Del Rey. Its an awesome deal and he is a cool guy.

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