Stepper seat for 04' model??

I'm looking to get a stepper seat for my 04' 450f.....

The only commercial stepper's I've seen are for 06'-07' models only.

Does anyone make a stepper for 04'? or do you have to fabricate your own??


I haven't seen any for the 03-05 models however, if your interested i have a new sdg tall seat with only about 1.5 hours of riding on it for sale:ride:

Thanx for the offer, but I want a stepper to keep me from sliding back on the seat. At the end of the day, I start getting lazy, and start inadvertently moving back.

I hear you their, i have wanted to ride a bike with the step seat on it to see if i liked it or not, but nobody that i know has yet to get one.

Making your own is easy. All you need is an electric fillet knife and an electic stapler with some power. Dont use a regular staple gun, they are too weak to penetrate the plastic on the seat. Ive done 2 to my buddies bikes and its easy if you take your time and think it thru. Remove your seat and lookat how the factory has stapled the cover on. You just mark your foam with a marker the way you want it and shave it carefully with the elec. fillet knive ( must be very sharp) and replace the cover starting at the top near the tank and stretch it along the sides as you go. It is easier if you have someone help you stretch the cover as you staple. Have fun! -JR

I bought a step seat kit for my '03 450. Call up Guts. It is a very good mod for the 450.

I cut my stock seat foam down and left a step. At 5' 5" this made the ground an inch closer and also gave me a step at the same time. Recovered with a new full gripper cover.

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