used Edie need help

I bought a used edelbrock carb and put it on today. What is the thin tube coming from the bottom of the carb for? Full yoshi exhaust, uncorked. Using the 16e needle. Seemed to do ok, not enough time to dial in. No popping, but could run better. Am I in the right ball park, or should I drop to the 15E?

On mine I run the 17e at 24 click from full ritch position. But up here those days we have temperature around -5 to +5 degree celcius. So I put it ritcher a little bit. Start around 21 click from full ritch. My bike had the 16e at first and was not running well. Now it fly!

I think I got it dialed in. 16e needle, dont know how many clicks. Put a new plug in, and full tank of gas. Good throttle response low, pulled hard all the way up to 90 (14-48) and wanted to keep going. Freeway traffic so I slowed. No popping on decel. No lags or flatspots. Nice! Still dont know what that long thin little tube is for on the bottom left front side of the carb. Anyone?

Side note: wonder who I pissed off to get my gas tank emptied &%$#@!!

If I remember well its an overflow line.

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