650R Rear Suspension Bearings...

I posted a message in here that I was going to service my suspension bearings on my 650R. Like a lot of people in here, I've been putting it off. I've had the bike 3 hard ridden seasons. Keep in mind, I live in CO, where there is next to no humidity.

I finally got around to it, and thought I'd let you know what I found. Honestly, had I let this project wait one more year, I would have been in trouble.

The main swing arm pivot bolt was starting to rust. All the bolts removed were almost seized just from the dirt that had gotten stuck in there. I started checking out bearings. I lucked out, all but one bearing was still in good shape. I re-packed all of them with waterproof grease, and threw them back together.

The one bearing that was bad was on the triangle shaped linkage. It was the lower shock bearing. (which happens to be the only one you cannot grease without removing dust seals). I got a new bearing, seals, and collars for around 50 bucks. The old bearing was completely rusted. The old seals looked like they had been leaking.

I have it all back together now, and the rear suspension feels better now. I'm sure it likes having fresh grease in there.

Over the next day or so, I plan to remove the sub-frame, so I can get the the upper shock bearing on the rear suspension. As of now, it's the only external bearing that I haven't serviced.

Heed my warning. Service those bearings, I'd say once a year to be safe. Put it off too long, and You'll find a nightmare. And, you'll end up spending way more $$ than I did to fix the seized parts. The tools on The Pig Pen took me about 2-3 hours to make. Plus another 2 hours of labor on the bike. Not a lot compared to the time & money it will take to replace all the bearings.

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