2003 xr650l side cover options!

Hello, I recently purchased a 03 650l and was wondering if there were any factory pieces or aftermarket to fit the side cover to make it slim and clean. I have already overcome battery relocation and would like to remove the bulkey left cover and find a matching right. Any help would be great. Pysched on havin a moto back my life..thanx danny

xr600 side cover

How did you do the battery relocation and what battery did you use? I'm sort of taking a survey of the different methods I've read about and trying to choose the cleanest one. Thanks for any help!

thanks! it was really easy to do also. feels lighter even. feel free anyone to contact me with ?.:worthy::ride::thumbsup:

I see you followed me over to 4 strokes. it seems that if i cant find it here it is on that site.

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