Clutch Problems???

When I first start up my 00' YZ426f and engage the clutch it feels like it grabs hard. After the bike warms up a bit it seems fine...

I know the 00' has clutch issues, but is this the problem others are experiencing?

Overall grabbiness is the main problem that people had with the '00 model, yes. If your clutch is in generally good condition, you need only add these 3 parts from an '01:

5JG-16321-00-00 PLATE, FRICTION


5JG-16384-00-00 PLATE, SEAT

If it's ready for a clutch anyway, replace the whole plate package with '01 parts including these 3 and you'll get rid of that problem.

Great! Thanks for the reply Gray, I just got this bike off my bro-in-law and am coming off of an 01' WR so the clutch feels really different.

My 2000 426 is the same. Took it to the dealer to check it. It's normal.:thumbsup:

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