06' Pressure in radiator ..!

While preparing for a ride about 3weeks ago I checked my radiator level, when i opened the cap there wasa fair amount of pressure in the radiator. I thought nothing about it, went to the track the next day, while telling everyone about it i actually re-opened the cap and there was once again pressure in the radiator...?????:worthy: I hadn't started the bike since the prevoius evening..!!!

So i left it , rode the day at the track, didnt ride the following week (nor did i check it)..this evening i went to see whatsup with the radiator, as i opened it there was so much pressure in the radiator it actually sprayed out around 150-200ml ....

There is nothing in the oil...and it doesnt seem to be loosing water...:thumbsup:

There is just a load of pressure, could i have blown a head gasket, and if that's the case could there still be so much pressure after around 11days of not riding..??

Any ideas on &%$#@! could be causing this..:ride:

Could be a head gasket. Probably not blown, but it may have lost its torque. Remove the cams and check the head bolts. If it's been leaking, you'll want to replace it.

I am going to pull the bike down and see what the issue is..will let know.

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