2007 WR 250 vs. WR 450

with both of these bikes pretty much weighing the same (as tested in dirt rider) what would the advantage of having the 250 be? (besides price)

interested to know your thoughts or experience with 250 vs 450.

Well I don't have any experience with either bike but I do have an 06 wr 450. From what I have read, the 250 will definitly feel lighter due to 10 lbs less, and less reciprocating mass. The 450's engine will produce a gyro effect that hinders quick manuvers (very minimal, almost un-noticable).

Hwever the 450 has monsterous power compared to the 250.

My suggestion to anyone buying a new bike is this; If you ride really long and steep loamy hill climbs, ride in sand, and fire roads, then the 450 will be better. If you don't really ride big open terrain or hill climbs, then the 250 is perfect. But if you are power crazy the 450 won't disappoint you.

I used to have an XR 250 and it took me pretty much everywhere I wanted to go, but lacked the snappy quick power required to climb long steep hills, and gets bogged down in sandy stuff.

I have an 07 450 and my little bro has a 250. The only real difference between us is weight, I've got 100 lbs on him, so that was the major factor for my decision. The $ isn't that much difference, but I figured that the 450 would be easier to sell, and that it would haul my fat butt around better.


with both of these bikes pretty much weighing the same (as tested in dirt rider) what would the advantage of having the 250 be? (besides price)

interested to know your thoughts or experience with 250 vs 450.

For what it's worth- I had similar questions b/c I hadn't been on dirt for a while.... then I drove home with the 450! The bottom line is that you can grow with this bike b/c it comes so corked up (feels like a 250 before the "free mods" - see performance sticky for more info). So, you can always ride the bike "as is" for a while, then gradually ramp it up when you want more power (most do). If you get the 250, you may find that you stagnate and want to upgrade (i.e. want that power), which would require having to sell and buy all over. I rode mine stock for about two months, then did the free mods and am very glad I went big bore- it's awesome.

Hope this helps.

Good Question. I had the same dilema, now I own both bikes. The bottom line is that no single bike can do everything you want it to do. That being said, both of my bikes are uncorked, free and not free mods, etc. The 250 is a real treat to ride through the more technical stuff. It take a few mins. to get used to the lack of power and remember to wind it up more, but the she just sings. The 250 floats over the nastier terrain, just keep her revving. The 450 is a different beast. Like taking a gun to a knife fight. Point and shoot. If you like power, you cant go wrong. On more open stuff we have in the desert the 450 hauls. The weight difference is invisible. The 450 just takes a little bit more effort, just a little. The idea was to decide which bike I enjoyed more and sell the other. Never gonna happen, I'm keeping both bikes.

Go big. Went with the 06 450 and so very happy that I did. And yes it was my first bike since jr. high.

wow, that's crazy that you ended up with both bikes and what a way to compare them both! i myself have owned an xr250 and currently own a drz400 and sometimes feel that the xr was a bit easier in the technical stuff...anyhow very interesting about the weight difference and how it isn't really noticable... i must say the power of my drz compared to the old xr is quite a treat... i really like the look of the new WR's... i just wish they made them street legal like the KTMs!

Go With The 450.... Weight Is Hardly Noticable... Balance At Slow Speeds Is Good Too. Power Will Make Your Eyes Bleed. Point And Shoot. Pretty Cool.

'07 Wr 450f Yz Throttle Screw,grey Wire Removed And Exhaust Uncorked.

i bought a 07 wr 450f about three weeks ago. i love the bike. i havent done any modes to it yet. iv put about 40 miles on it the first day of riding. and i can feel that the bike wants to go but it being stocked is restricting it. i will be doing the mods shortly.

Do the mods, now. My dealer cut my throttle screw and grey wire for free!!All I did was

pay for my first service. The bike is WAY FASTER with these mods plus unpacking exhaust and removing air snorkel. Enjoy... and BE CAREFUL

The WR 450 power is very smooth, its easy to control and makes significantly more power than a 250F, get the 450 and don't look back.


You outta talk to MauriceDorris. He totally influenced me into buying the 450. Basically telling me if I bought the 250 in 6 months I am gonna want the 450. I bought my 450 2 months ago and he couldnt be more right. The 450 is more than you'll ever need.

I am in the same quandry, currently own an 07 WR250. I have done the free mods, added a JD jet kit, which made the biggest difference, went with the GYT baffle, a bit larger outlet than just removing the insert, and went up one tooth on the CS shaft. The bike is great, work well in single track and with the gearing change now has the top speed I want for fire roading and highway use. I have also been able to plate it here in Michigan. But I am still considering the 450, most of the guys I ride with are on bigger iron, 525 KTM's, etc. But I don't give up anything in the woods, in fact their problem is too much power in those situations, likewise in the fire roads throw in some curves and it's much the same. But I keep wondering if I would like more, probably just a guy thing. Guess it just comes down to your size, riding ability, and to a lesser extent, how much you want to pay. Saw an 07WR250 in Seattle for $4800, and there are some 07 WR450 around (new) for less than $6,000, Which is about $4,000 less than the new KTM.

go with te 450, you wont be disapointed:thumbsup:

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