My clutch won't adjust out. Please READ/HELP

Ok, I put new clutch plates in my 99WR400 and a new cable and now it won't adjust out enough to engage my clutch. I have the motor apart for a top end build and have the clutch cover off. Even with my hand actuating the clutch arm it's not able to feel tension against the clutch springs. What is my trouble?:thumbsup:

Have you put the little ball back in where the rod goes?Look in the manual or do a search.I did my last year and just can't remember exactly where it goes

Didn't see any little ball on my 99 when I tok it apart. I ther one in the 99 for sure?

There's no ball on the 99 WR pushrod but here's some other stuff to check:

Make sure you yave all the plates installed and in in the correct order.

Make sure the acuator arm the clutch cable attaches to is oriented correctly and pushed all the way down into the case.

The only other thing I can think of is if you had removed the clutch hub for other maintenance, make sure the thrust washer that goes between the inner hub and basket was reinstalled.

Good luck.

No ball in the 99. Must have gotten the wrong plates on ebay cause when I put the old ones in again it worked fine. Thanks for the help

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