My clutch won't adjust out PLease READ-HELP

Ok, I put new clutch plates in my 99WR400 and a new cable and now it won't adjust out enough to engage my clutch. I have the motor apart for a top end build and have the clutch cover off. Even with my hand actuating the clutch arm it's not able to feel tension against the clutch springs. What is my trouble?

Do you have the plates in the right order? and the parts in the correct order ? I had the same problem once and had mixed up the order of re-assemble.

Make sure the small ball bearing is in place between the 2 acuator rod pieces.

That was the first thing that came to my mind, too, but the 400 doesn't list one.

Check that the clutch release arm is in a normal position. Then look at the cable. It should have an upper (at the lever perch) and lower adjuster. Use the lower to get within range so that you have the right free play with the perch adjuster about half way out.

No ball in the 99. Must have gotten the wrong plates on ebay cause when I put the old ones in again it worked fine. Thanks for the help.

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